Are you really happy? Ask your inner child

Deep down within each of us, there is a child who is joyful to simply be alive. A child who is excited about everything that life has to offer.

 A child who wants to simply “play” through life.

With the increasing age, workload, and many other major issues, we suppress the child within us. We stop playing through life, we let the life play through us. These lead us to greater pressure, unhappiness and even bring down to depression. Do you think you can stay happy this way? Do you think killing your inner child will keep you happy? Do you think you can have the fun of life without the child within? Ask your inner child to live, give it happiness, you will automatically be happy.


Talk to yourself daily. Talk to the child within. If you feel awkward doing that publicly, do it in private. Talking to your inner child lets you analyze life better. They see the life in a much simpler perspective. The complications are less deep inside your heart. Whenever you fall into some trouble, talk to that child you have within yourself. You will come up with solutions. Maybe, it’s simple, maybe it doesn’t sound good, but, that can be the easiest solution to your problem. Well, not always though.

Play along

Just like a 4-year old, your heart also jumps to play. Don’t suppress that feeling. Play along. If the child within you is happy, you will also be happy. Every child has a wish to play. Every adult has the same. Just the difference is that the adults feel embarrassed to show their wish. The little child inside you starts jumping when they see a swing. But, you control thinking what people will say. Stop that. When the child is jumping out of happiness within, let yourself free. Join the child. Play along. Feel free, feel happy.

Comfort and encourage

Just like every kid, you also need appreciation. You also to live in the comfort zone. You also need some encouragement. All these wishes, or rather say needs, comes from within. From the child that’s there inside you. Ask him/her if s/he is comfortable with whatever you are doing. Ask if s/he is hurt. Ask if could do something better for her/him. The comfort zone that you create for your inner child is actually the comfort zone you want to live in.

If you encourage the child for every little thing they do, you feel more confident.


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