Make All Your Wishes Come True with a Reiki Box

Do you wish to have genie like Aladdin?  Well, everyone does wish for a wish maker. However, you don’t have to indulge in wishful thinking. You can create your own magic wish box.

A reiki box can manifest all your wishes into reality. Before delving into the depth of reiki box, let us say that Reiki is a limitless tool. With Reiki, you can make any positive wish come true. Remember that it is for the highest good of everyone and that is the reason, you need to use it for a positive purpose only.

Having said that, let’s get started with creating reiki box.

What should you put in your reiki box? This box can be an all-purpose box. This can be your wish box, this can be your manifestation box, and this can be a healing box as well.

So, You Need a box

Of course, you get no award for guessing this. But, the thing is you need to have a small box which can easily fit into your palm. This is important because you can meditate on the box if you like. If you don’t have a box handy right at the moment, you can use a paper box as well.

Clean It Off

Make it a point to clean off the box properly before you start using it. The objective is to put only positive energy into the box. This works and this is why you need to be careful with it.

Intention Paper

Well, once you have the box, you need to fill it with intention. Without intention, your desire will not come true. So, now, you will need to get your intention slips prepared.

In this slip, you need to write down your desires or your wishes. You can write your dreams. Make sure to maintain a grateful tone when you are writing your intention slips.

You need to use different slip for a different intention. Here you must write as if your desire has come true – like Thank You God for bringing me the flood of love.  You must use the present tense to augment the effect of Reiki. It should sound like your desire has taken place.

Here you are not restrained by any limit. You can write as many intentions as you want. To increase the effect of Reiki, you can slip some crystals inside the box. It will make the wishes come true faster.


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