3 Ways To Contact Dead! That You Must Read or Be Left Out

Experiencing ghostly appearance might be a mystical and intense experience. Many of us try talking to ghosts as a joke or some sort of experience, but knowing how to start and end a conversation with the spirit world is of utmost importance.

Many have failed and some had the privilege of contacting with the spirit world. Here are some proven ways to contact with spirits and ghosts that might work if you follow all steps correctly:


Maybe the most foolproof method of contacting is with the good old Ouija Board . An Ouija Board basically contains the alphabets A-Z ,numbers 1-10, Yes, No and a Goodbye .
a) Go to a quiet environment with no outward influence and light up some candles.
b) Timing is extremely important as ghosts are active mostly in the duration of 9 pm to 4 am.
c) Place the planchette ( a triangular piece) on the letter G of the board and close your eyes to concentrate.
d) Focus all your energy and start asking questions politely. Questions like ” Are there any spirits around ?” ,” What do you want here ?” may kick-start your conversation.
e) Give close attention to any cold spots or tingling or prickle on the back of your neck to feel their presence.
f) After you are satisfied, close the conversation with a ” Thank you ” and a “Goodbye ” to make sure you give them permission to return back to their world.



Start by getting hold of a good voice recorder and go to some place with a history or rumours of ghostly activity. Switch on the recorder and ask questions politely.Make sure you ask with good intentions and not as a joke. After you are satisfied , listen to the tape attentively. Look for whispers or other sub- aural hearings. You may also notice for spikes in the conversation, isolate those parts and try to decipher it on a laptop.


Park a car in the middle of a spirit frequented spot and put the car in neutral. A ghostly presence night move your car or get your cars alarm going.

 Roumours are if you put some powder on the back of your car you might see the hand-prints of the ghost who moved it.

Even though a conversation with ghosts and spirits might be scoring, its extremely important to do it with good intentions. Bad intentions such as jokes will only invite bad spirits in your life and trust me , you don’t want that. It is also important to end the conversation politely and appropriately . Don’t hang up the conversation . And we wish you all the luck.



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