7 Cons Of iPhone 7’s

There is a bucket full of reasons to go for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus especially for the youths who are keen to experience iOS in a whole new way. Although the iPhone 7’s aren’t going to become a smart investment. Here’s why –


1) Old school Design – Have a look and the iPhone 7’s look identical to the older siblings the 6 and the 6s’s. Only the rear panel gets some plastic fittings.

2) No OLED yet – When it comes to true technology an OLED display dominates an LCD from all angles. It not only makes a smartphone slimmer but also fosters battery life.

3) Risky Whisky – No Framework! Your phone becomes more prone to dents. Although Apple’s build quality will try hard to save the day for you.

4) Wireless For the Timeless People – Wireless charging is a new tech from Apple Inc. introduced in the 7’s. It is so slow that you will get tired of it.

5) Forget the trend of carrying your headphone jack – The 7’s come installed with a set of free lighting earphones and a headphone jack dongle as well. However, at this hefty price point, you can expect some more cream.

6) Bezels are thicker than you expect – Look closely! You will get to see that the iPhone 7’s are one of the bulkier than it’s competitors.

7) Android is knocking the door – Latest Android operating systems are getting friendlier to users day by day and with premium Android smartphones you can pull out almost everything you want.

With the sky touching price points there are plenty of options in the market for you to pick from.


To get information about the pros of the iPhone 7’s click the link below –




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