10 Excellent Phone Apps You Might Haven’t Heard About

In this decade of technology cell phone has become a huge part of our lives as it magnificently helps us to do everything. You can call an Uber when you want to travel, you can phone friends using the internet when you got the balance on your phone using a lot of apps and what not; cell phone has utterly made most of our task simpler and obviously made our lives a lot easier. However, there still are some phone apps most people don’t know about but they are really effective and can get your back and aid you to do different things.

Here is a short list of apps which can assist you:


Device Assists

Sometimes phones face different issues like viruses and others and unless you are a phone specialist it is really tough to monitor the issue and get it fixed, so, what this app does is assists you to troubleshoot the problems your phone is facing. However, there is a lot of people who find using phone tough, this app is hugely recommended to them!

My Maps

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Are you planning to go on a tour? If yes, you must know about this app. Finding the best routes, the place to stay on hiatus and many other facilities can provided by this app. Other than this, you can also plot your daily routes, so, that you don’t get puzzled up when the routes are confusing and long.


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Are you an employee in any office or firms? If yes, then you might need to scan a lot of papers or writings. This app helps you to scan, there are many other apps which do the same but in my opinion, this is undoubtedly the best amongst most of the apps which are like this app.


My Tracks

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An extrovert who travels a lot would definitely love this app! Just imagine, keeping the records of all the place you’ve visited! That would help you to remember the good places you visited, so, that you can visit those places again.  A journalist who likes traveling to find out stories and then writes them in their journals would love this app too. So, why wait? Download this underrated fantabulous app!


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This is a quite useful app which helps you to remember your phone’s different meters like your phone’s battery charge through live wallpapers. The live wallpapers of this app do look really classy and nice by the way. If you are looking for an app which shows you your phone’s different meters through wallpapers then this app is just for you.


Image result for grammarly images

It is simple to sometimes make grammatical mistakes or spelling errors on your phone while texting or writing something, however, imagine an app which will assist you to get rid of them and suggest you perfectly what to write. Grammarly is an excellent app which checks your spelling, grammar, sentence construction and what not. This app is also available for computers by the way.


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Ever thought of an app which will solve your math? Yes, there is an app like that and that is Photomath. All you need to do is snap the photo of the sum you are not being able to solve and the app will do the job itself by scanning the photo you have captured. Don’t cheat on the exams by the way that would be cruel!


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Excretion sometimes makes us fall into huge troubles, well, it is definitely a trouble when your stomach is bottled up and you don’t know where to pee. Flush is going to do the job for you! This hilariously magnificent app shows you the list of the public toilets near you and guides you with the directions.

Pizza Compass

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To many people, Pizza is an extremely crucial part of life. Just like Flush, this app guides you to the nearest Pizza places from your place. It is a quite friendly app and is extremely easy to use. So, what are you waiting for if you are hungry? Download Pizza Compass!


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For iPhone users, this app is a blessing. This is basically a downloader but it works as a file manager too and trusts me this is the best file manager you are ever going to find for an iPhone. You can watch videos of all formats, listen to music of all format too. This app actually makes the data transfer a lot easier than you can imagine.



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