3 Best Selfie Apps Available On Android Market

Like or hate! Selfies are the only URLs today which portrays yourself within the notifications of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in Whatsapp statuses. When it comes to capturing, the right smartphone app can act as your mate to stretch your selfie-snapping esteem to the ultimate level. Eager to know about the top 3 selfie capturing apps available on Google Play? Then this article is for you –

1)    CANDY CAMERA – One of the higher rated apps available on Google Play. Did you think from where did those ratings come from? This app lets you take unheated selfies and filter your snaps via as many as jaw-dropping 100 filters. Take a deep breath buddy!


2)    CAMERA 360 – Addicted to selfies? This app can let your addiction bloom with features like customizable filters, cartoon effects etc. There’s also a Global Community for a Creative Photography where you have a new world to prove your capabilities. What more?


3)    RETRICA – Are you a photo editing enthusiast? Then Google features a gift for you in their play store. It’s a figure under the hat of Google with its unique ingredients like real-time filters, collage maker, watermarking, timer and much more.


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   Easy man! These apps aren’t going to drill a hole in your pocket, it’s free. 🙂





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