Massive performance gain awaits Adobe’s Lightroom Classic CC 7.2

To all multi-core machine users with a minimum of 12 GB RAM, stay tuned for Adobe’s next Lightroom Classic CC update. DPReview reports that this update to the Lightroom Classic cc is soon to release into the market. They’ve also reported that in version 7.2 of Windows, Lightroom Classic CC if put through a longer editing session on Windows machines, will no more slow down. According to reports, Adobe is not done yet and in their future releases of Lightroom Classic CC there will be continued performance optimization and so will the import speed enhance.

Adobe’s own Voice

Adobe claims to have addressed the key performance issues through the latest update of Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe said, “We have optimized CPU and memory usage so that performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12 GB of RAM.”


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