A new gadget for fitness enthusiasts: Fitbit Ionic

With major fan following and loyal fitness enthusiasts, Fitbit as a brand has run down a long way over the year. When you think of cool electronic wearables, Fitbit comes to the mind at the first instance. Fitbit, till now was ruling the market of fitness bands. The brand has off late released its smartwatch, the Fitbit Iconic. Will this new fitness smartwatch be the one to give the watershed moment to smartwatches in India, which at present in a nascent stage?

Fitbit Iconic

It is a comfortable and light-weight smartwatch priced at Rs. 22,990. It has already created a rave in the market with a hold over the competitors with its edge in regards to its weight and looks. This improved gadget won’t hinder while you’re working on your laptop. Fitbit Iconic has a 4 day-long battery life and has an inbuilt GPS. Navigation, coach feature and the sleep trackers are some of the features that are seamlessly accurate.



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