World’s first robot citizen steps in at IIT Bombay

Namely-‘Sophia’, the first robot to be granted citizenship of a country made its first image come alive at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India) on Saturday during the TechFest.
Enveloped in a sari the humanoid robot had a conversation of 15-minutes with a student on subjects extending from artificial intelligence to the world facing concerns. There were more than 3000 thirsty spectators on the spot. After replying some initial queries ‘Sophia’ went silent due to a technical hitch. However, it awakened again after the organizers intruded.
The Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics evolved and matured ‘Sophia’ then activated it in the year 2k15. Using artificial intelligence, it is meant to imitate human gestures and facial expressions and is able to make conversation on topics which are predefined. In the month of October, ‘Sophia’ was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia.
The presence of ‘Sophia’ had created much buzz among the IITians and technology ninjas.
The robot returned logical answers to a wide stock of questions interrogated by the students. Describing its fishy appearance ‘Sophia’ in its mechanical tone said, “I have been created on a human scale so that I can be adopted by the society”.
The audience enjoyed few sparkling replies by the robot. When asked by a student if it will marry him ‘Sophia’ said, “I will have to decline but thanks for the compliment.” 😛







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