uraaVi Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of uraaVi.

Things To Tick

Be fair and nice

uraaVi is an unique platform to share your ideas and creativity and we expect you to respect others and be polite to the other members.

Share your own content

Share and create everything that is purely ingenious of you. Only upload genuine content that you yourself has created. Be polite while interacting with others and respect the copyright of other members which means that you cannot steal photos or videos shared by others and pass them off as your own.

Mention uraaVi

Remember to put the link of uraaVi whenever you wish to share any of its content elsewhere.

Things To Cut

Okay, so if you don’t follow any of the given rules and overstep the limits , we may have to delete your account with or without warning.

Don’t upload anything that isn’t yours

This means you cannot upload picture,videos, or content that you have copied from around the internet. If any report is placed against your account subject to violation of the rules,your account may have to be deleted without any prior notice.

Don’t Cater to nudity or illegal stuff

Don’t upload nude photos in your account or keep nude pictures as your icon . Don’t upload illegal content or stuff that are inappropriate. If you do, we may have to take down or account or report you to the concerned authorities.

Do’nt spam

We are strongly against spamming of any kind.Check out uraaVi’s Privacy Policy  and Terms of Service.

Note: If you notice your work or photos or content in someone else’s account,don’t panic. Politely ask the person to put down the content since it maybe just a case of misunderstanding and is not intentional.

By: Meghna Ghorai

(An uraaVi Contributor)


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