4 Heritage in Kolkata, sure to drag tourists

The ‘city of joy’ ’Kolkata’, is one of the first British colonies in India. The British repercussions are noticeable on the spotlights of architecture and craftsmanship when it comes to the well-preserved heritages of this city.

These heritages will instantly sting you back in the 1880’s when the British era existed.
These monuments and historic buildings not only pumps life to the delicate heart of ‘Kolkata’ but are also fond for fantastic tourist addictions



The death of Queen Victoria in 1902, gradually gave birth to the Victoria Memorial to conserve her memories. The total cost of construction amounted to Rs.10.5 Million which was deliberately contributed by the British & Indian people and then finally opened up for the anxious public in 1921. You will get to see the artistic strokes of the famous architect of that age, William Emerson. The memorial has gained popularity for its paintings belonging from the Royal British Families, historic artifacts, lithographs and historic diaries. Today this monument stands out and has become one of the supreme landmarks of ‘Kolkata’



 It is a propped cantilever bridge also known as ‘Rabindra Setu’. One of the finest Civil Engineering marvels constructed without any nuts, bolts or a pylon, providing a lifeline on the waters of Bay Of Bengal. This bridge proves its capabilities by carrying more than 1,00,000 vehicles and 1,50,000 pedestrians each day. Unbelievable isn’t it? This is why it remains one of the most visited tourist attractions till today.


 Built back in 1814 by Dr. Nathaniel Wallich (A Denmarkian Botanist), it remains one of the oldest museums in the country and world’s ninth oldest regular museum. It is the country’s largest museum also. If you are passionate about antiques, mummies, paintings from the Mughal dynasty, skeletons, ornaments, and armors, this is definitely the place for you. Then it shifted to a new building in 1875, which appeared in Italian architectural by Walter B Grawille. Exposed to public in 1878, the museum has six branches namely Zoology, Industry, Geology, Archaeology, Anthropology and Art. The Museum has as many as 60 odd galleries.


Constructed in 1767 to give shelter to the British soldiers. Presently it is one of the oldest burial grounds in Kolkata. Mind you it is one of the haunted places in the city too. Come on!! Be ‘Brave’. If you are a person who has poetic thoughts murmuring around you, then the calm surroundings of the cemetery are really going to entertain you.

Credits to the ‘’West Bengal Government’’ for maintaining and preserving these heritages.



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