Hurry! Rent you Potter-themed holiday apartment for the sleepover of your dreams!

Yue Gao is a super-fan of the Harry Potter series and no wonder he has conceptualized the first ever Harry Potter-themed holiday apartment. And guess where the location of this apartment is? Yes, it is none other than Edinburgh, the very birthplace of the Harry Potter books that brought writer J.K Rowling to unparallel fame. The apartment is now open to the public for rental purposes all round the year. You can now easily & literally strike of the Hogwarts Sleepover wish from your bucket list. The Harry Potter-themed holiday home is not just making the headlines but has also become the primary reasons for Scotland being go-to spot for all Potterheads.

The Potter-themed apartment is called the Canongate Luxury Apartment. Bringing the Harry Potter fans closer to the old world Potter charm, the apartment overlooks the Royal Mile and is situated at the oldest part of Edinburgh. Well, the entrance to the apartment is iconic as the front door is designed on Platform 9 ¾ of King’s Cross Station. The apartment includes a magical candle ceiling paying homage to the Great Hall, creating the illusion of candles floating above the head. The master bedroom of course is Gryffindor-themed with a four-poster bed.

The lounge area also reverberates the décor of Gryffindor common room with every door being painted with the signature Hogwarts House colors. The second room appears to be like one of those carriages from Hogwarts Express.

And guess what? Putting a cherry on top, the guests do not have to go out to grab a mug of butter beer during their stay at this Potter haven as the apartment is equipped with a fully-functional kitchen.

Well, there is news from Yue that the apartment also includes a few personal J.K Rowling pieces as well such as an antique desk belonging to the legendary writer herself. The Hogwarts haven can rented for 150£ /night. Not much live a dream, is it?



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