3 Haunted Places In Kolkata That Are Sure To Frighten You

Are ghost and phantoms virtual or real?

Totally depends on you! You cannot turn a blind eye to them! Keep digging and you will find that Kolkata is also the home of haunted. If you stare at those age-old buildings you will definitely understand what they depict.

Scared? Just enjoy the thrill of exploring these haunted places in Kolkata with your adrenaline flowing normally


You are familiar with ghost stories! Are you comfortable reading books with the ghosts or spirits too?

If yes then this is the place. If you are reading alone or if you do not keep the books in proper place, you will surely hear someone breathing down the neck or sound of footsteps near you. Rumors say that it is the ghost of the wife of Lord Metcalfe who keeps wandering in the gigantic halls. The workers experience their chairs been drawn away. Sometimes the books from the shelves drop down and the pages get shuffled. The largest library in India is void of getting a security during night shifts just because of these reasons, just think of it! Want to experience this live unearthly feeling? Then this is a must visit place for you.


Suicide is common. Uncommon is that most of the suicides in Kolkata happens in this particular metro station only. Strange right? Being one of the busiest metro stations, this station is also called ‘Heaven of Suicide’.

Take the last train and you will never see a single living soul, all you have to see are ghostly shadows moving here and there coupled with some horrifying images. Spookiness all around you buddy!


Also called the ‘House of Dolls’. Now when you step into this house the dolls along with age-old spider webs will welcome you.

Gradually you will enter into the world of deep black secrets. You will get to see the Roman blend of style through the enormous arches of this building. There are still some inhabitants in this house but most of us get afraid to visit the upper stories. Have the guts? If you do, then just don’t miss out this place.

Be it in the streets or the decade old buildings, mysteries are split all over this city. No one knows how much truth lie behind these stories.

So if you are a guy with a robust heart why don’t you go and investigate?



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