4 Astounding dangerous animals

Let’s have a glimpse at a number of the animals that square measure a widely known threat to humans. Most likely they might be missing from your measuring system –


Dolphins carry a ‘friendly’ tag with them. In fact, several travel agencies offer packages wherever you’ll swim with dolphins. Sounds cute right? Nope! Dolphins play jaggy hurting and injuring swimmers around them.


Domestic to the Pacific Ocean this snail is a serious threat to the divers. If a diver makes an incorrect move near them he immediately gets eliminated out of this world! A snail can produce as many as hundred individual venoms. Beyond imagination!

3) SWANS –

Swans look lovely. But! Are you aware that swans are known for bombarding kayakers and fishermen if they sail too close to their nests? News reports declare a bird keeper from America got drowned owing to a swan attack in 2012.


Parrots look vibrant with their distinctive combination of hues floating at different levels even in the darkest part of your house. Although wildlife experts convey parrots as wild animals – they can bite and blow you out too.


These animals look incredible via your eyes and there is no harm if you stare at them by keeping a safe distance. 🙂




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